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JUL 2018

Compact Equipment is a magazine dedicated to equipment owners and operators of small, nimble, tool-carrying construction, landscape and ag equipment — such as skid steers, mini excavators, compact tractors, generators compressors and beyond.

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Page 106 of 135 107 Model Engine Horsepower Net HP Operating Capacity 35 Percent Bucket Breakout Force Hydraulic Power To the Attachment Tip Capacity Lift Height (Orientation) Height to Hinge Pin 320 20.5 hp 438 lbs NA 8 gpm (3,000 psi) 1,250 lbs 5 ft, 8 in. (Radial) 322D 24.8 hp 464 lbs NA 9.4 gpm (3,000 psi) 1,325 lbs 5 ft, 8 in. (Radial) 600HD 24.8 hp 617 lbs NA 11.3 gpm (3,000 psi) 1,763 lbs 6 ft, 1 in. (Radial) 700HDX 24.8 hp 693 lbs NA 8.7/11.3* gpm (3,000 psi) 1,980 lbs 6 ft, 4 in. (Radial) Boxer The 300, 600 and 700 Series of Compact Utility Loaders Advice to Buyers "Compact utility loaders, or mini skid steers, have be- come an attractive tool in the contractor's equipment fleet," says Jason Showers, Boxer product manager. "These continually evolving prod - ucts allow contractors to do more faster with less over- head costs. The compact ma- chine size and greater visibil- ity make these units desirable in hard-to-reach spaces, sites requiring reduced ground dis- turbance, and where visibility of the task being completed is a priority." T he Boxer product line of compact tool carriers complements Morbark's long- standing offerings in the tree care and rental markets. Boxer Equipment has four models to suit contractor needs: the 320, 322D, 600HD and 700HDX com- pact utility loaders, each built to handle a full complement of more than 50 univer- sal attachments. Boxer also offers the X7 brush chipper. Boxer Equipment says its wide range of lightweight yet heavy-duty machines gen- erate an impressive amount of hydraulic power to lift more, move more and dig faster than any other product on the market. The Boxer compact utility loader is a machine that reduces the costs of performing key tasks and the process of improving the environments in which people live and work. Developed to replace hand labor, the Boxer allows operators to complete jobs quickly, efficiently and safely, providing a cost-effective, terrain-friendly solution for landscapers, irrigation contractors, plumbers, electricians and property owners as they dig, trench, till, auger, demo, place materials and perform a multitude of other tasks. The Boxer's standard quick-at- tach system enables the user to quickly and easily switch tools for optimal on-the-job flexibility and bottom-line per- formance. Why walk when you can ride? All Boxer compact util- ity loaders, from the 320 to the 700HDX, include a spring- cushioned ride-on platform, which pro- vides improved ergo- nomics and attach- ment visibility for safer, more comfort- able operation with less fatigue. All Boxer units also boast an integrated, push-but- ton machine pres- sure relief block to reduce residual pres- sure and allow easier attachment of hydraulic-powered attachments. Boxer says its 700HDX unit is the only compact utility loader on the market to offer a hydraulically expandable un- dercarriage to narrow the machine to fit through a 36-in. gate or expand it for greater stability. Boxer is a brand that is owned by Morbark, which builds equipment in the forest- ry, recycling, sawmill, bio-energy and tree care markets, including brush chippers, horizontal grinders, drum chippers and compact utility loaders. C O M P A C T T O O L C A R R I E R S *High flow.

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