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JUL 2018

Compact Equipment is a magazine dedicated to equipment owners and operators of small, nimble, tool-carrying construction, landscape and ag equipment — such as skid steers, mini excavators, compact tractors, generators compressors and beyond.

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T R A C T O R S S K I D S T E E R S 32 Compact Equipment JULY/AUGUST 2018 S K I D S T E E R S LiuGong The 385B Skid Loader Is Designed for the Demanding North American Market Advice to Buyers "The best advice I can give for buying a skid loader is to know the hydraulic require- ments of the attachments you intend to run," says Hugo Chang, product manager with LiuGong. "Mismatching a tool attachment to a machine's hydraulic capability will guar- antee disappointment. Once you've determined the skid loader is a match, then you can go through a thorough pre-purchase inspection rou- tine." L iuGong is a leading global manufacturer of construction equipment. The 385B skid loader from LiuGong North America is the product being offered to U.S. and Canadian customers. North American contractors have begun to turn more and more to compact track loaders. While compact track loaders give them greater versatility for work- ing on rough or unimproved terrain, there will always be a need for wheeled skid loaders. Among its compact lineup of machines, the 385B has been a star per- former. One of the most unique things about the 385B is its appearance. Its curves are part of an overall design that promotes worksite safety and increases opera- tional precision by maximizing the operator's visibility and control. Rounding off its corners gives operators a wider, less obstructed view of the worksite and of any attachment being used, whether it's a bucket, blade, fork or other attachment. The operator's panoramic view and the unit's overall balance and stability im- prove safety, maneuverability and handling in confined spaces — on or inside trailers, between buildings or working next to walls or other vehicles and ma- chines. Its curves have a second benefit, however. The company discovered that shaping metal and glass makes units structurally stiffer, less noisy and less ca- pable of transmitting sound vibrations. The company engineered this into the de- sign to reduce noise levels in the cab even further. The 385B easily achieves compliance with Tier 4 Final emissions standards with its 3.3-liter Yanmar engine rated at 72 hp, turning 2,400 rpm. This engine permits high torque with low fuel consumption. It also uses a diesel particulate filter (DPF). You will not need diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) for the 385B. It has an operating weight of 8,250 lbs with 0.66-cu-yd bucket capacity. It has a dump clearance at full height of 8.4 ft, a rated load of 2,304 lbs and a static tip- ping load of 4,608 lbs. It's based on a mono-block frame and fea- tures a trapezoid box boom frame. The cab tilts back more than 80 degrees, making it easy to ser- vice the engine and change the hydraulic oil filter. The 385B fea- tures a mechanical quick-coupler compatible with a wide range of implements that makes switching from one attachment to another quick and easy. The standard open-center hydraulic system provides a flow of 21 gpm, with an option for 32-gpm high-flow hydraulics. Other options include two-speed operation and a self-leveling valve for parallel lift. Ground clearance on the 385B is 7 ft, 9 in., and its front clearance radius with the bucket is 7 ft, 8 in. Additional standard equipment on the machine include a control safety inter- lock, boom interlock and manual quick-coupler. The 385B is also equipped with an enclosed ROPS/FOPS cab complete with air conditioning and heater, as well as a two-speed motor and foot throttle. Model Engine Horsepower Net HP Operating Capacity 50 Percent Bucket Breakout Force Operating Weight Tip Load Lift Height (Orientation) Height to Hinge Pin 385B 70 hp 2,300 lbs 6,699 lbs 8,250 lbs 4,598 lbs 10 ft, 7 in. (Vertical)

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