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JUL 2018

Compact Equipment is a magazine dedicated to equipment owners and operators of small, nimble, tool-carrying construction, landscape and ag equipment — such as skid steers, mini excavators, compact tractors, generators compressors and beyond.

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S K I D S T E E R S W acker Neuson joined the crowded North American skid steer market in 2015 with the introduction of two large frame models. In 2017, four newly designed medium frame models joined the line and are quickly earning the reputation as hard working, comfortable tool carriers that are designed to outlast, outwork and outdo, says the company. Here are a few of the features that Wacker Neuson promotes for its skid steers. • Hinge pin height: If you need to lift material to greater heights, the vertical-lift units give you a competitive edge when loading trucks and bins. • Engine torque: An engine torque of 221 ft-lbs provide the power needed to improve ground engaging performance on all kinds of terrain. • Hydraulic hp: Standard and optional high-flow hydraulic horsepower enables these machines to easily power high performance attachments like rakes, mowers, tillers and augers with ease. • Forward tip cab: The only one-piece pod-style cab that fully tilts forward with the arms down, providing com- plete access to all maintenance components no matter what the situation. • Controls for any operator: Me- chanical hand-foot and select- able EH options ensure operators a variety of experience can effi- ciently operate the machines. • 30-gal fuel tank: Operators can spend more time in the cab working and less time refueling. • Cab access and comfort: The extra-large cab incorporates er- gonomic controls with pillar- mounted switches, HVAC sys- tem and seat-mounted joysticks. • The universal skid steer attachment plate enables tools to be easily changed, allowing more tasks to get done in less time. • Tier 4 engine: Kohler engines feature a DOC-only emissions system with no regeneration or aftertreatment required. • Three-, four-, five-year warranty: Offering the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, says Wacker Neuson, all of its skid steers are backed by a three- year standard full machine, four-year powertrain and five-year electrical system warranty. • Made in Wisconsin: Wacker Neuson skid steers were designed and are built at the company's manufacturing facility in Menomonee Falls, Wis. 37 S K I D S T E E R S Wacker Neuson A List of the Features Engineered into Six Unique Units Advice to Buyers "Look for the added value," suggests Jay Quatro, field ap- plication and training spe- cialist with Wacker Neuson. "After determining the right machine for your use, it's important to look at the ser- viceability and longevity of the unit. A comprehensive, transferable warranty is a good indicator that the machine is designed and built to last. Additionally, factory options available as a dealer install kit allows for machines to be reconfigured to meet specific requirements. The owner can add options to a used machine providing added value." Model Engine Horsepower Net HP Operating Capacity 50 Percent Bucket Breakout Force Operating Weight Tip Load Lift Height (Orientation) Height to Hinge Pin SW16 56 hp 1,600 lbs 5,300 lbs 6,170 lbs 3,200 lbs 9 ft, 10 in. (Radial) SW17 74 hp 1,700 lbs 5,300 lbs 6,245 lbs 3,400 lbs 9 ft, 10 in. (Radial) SW20 56 hp 2,000 lbs 5,300 lbs 6,437 lbs 4,000 lbs 10 ft, 4 in. (Vertical) SW21 74 hp 2,100 lbs 5,300 lbs 6,512 lbs 4,200 lbs 10 ft, 4 in. (Vertical) SW24 74 hp 2,350 lbs 6,717 lbs 7,865 lbs 4,700 lbs 10 ft, 5 in. (Radial) SW28 74 hp 2,800 lbs 6,717 lbs 8,283 lbs 5,600 lbs 11 ft, 2 in. (Vertical)

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