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JUL 2018

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S K I D S T E E R S 45 Gehl Six Track Models Built in America for the Global Marketplace Advice to Buyers "Whether you plan to op- erate the machine yourself or leave the operating to your employees, consider adding features to improve operator and bystander comfort," says Nathan Ryan, global track loader product manager with Gehl. "Controls that move with the seat — enhanced with air suspension — and a sound reduction package are options that reduce operator fatigue and may improve em- ployee retention." G ehl began manufacturing agricultural implements out of West Bend, Wis., in 1859. From those humble beginnings in a blacksmith shop, the Gehl brand has become a major force in the compact equipment industry worldwide. Today, Gehl's leading edge research and design facility is still located in West Bend with North American manufacturing operations in Yankton, S.D., Madison, S.D., Waco, Texas, and Belvidere, Ill. Since entering the track loader market in 2001, Gehl has grown its RT Series Track loader line to include six fully customizable models. The RT165, RT175 GEN:3, RT210 GEN:3, RT215, RT250 GEN:3 and VT320 take high-capacity power, breakout force and tractive effort to a new level. With engines that reach 178 to 339 ft-lbs of torque and hydraulic systems with flow rates of 28.5 to 37.4 gpm on high-flow configurations, these skid loaders deliver high performance and fast cycle times, says the company. The RT215 is Gehl's newest track loader, introduced this year as the first Pilot Se- ries track loader. This machine features pilot-operated joystick controls, giving the operator true one-to-one proportional control over the drive system. The controls are mounted to the seat for added legroom and comfort during operation. The result is a responsive system that provides both low- and high-end speed controllability. The Gehl RT Series track load- ers feature radial-lift path load- er configurations, providing high performance in ground- engaging applications. Lift cyl- inders incorporate cushioning for smoother operation when lowering the lift arms. Hydrau- lic self-leveling, two-speed and boom float are all standard, as is auxiliary hydraulic flow to attachments. High flow is op- tional to further increase ver- satility. Outfitted with a skid- attach plate and the All-Tach attachment mounting system, Gehl RT Series track loaders can easily use a variety of attach- ments. The optional Power-A- Tach system allows the operator to engage and disengage the at- tachment without leaving the operator station. The operator has to leave the cab only when hoses must be attached. All Gehl track loaders come standard with an IdealTrax Automatic Track Tensioning System. This industry-exclu- sive feature simplifies routine maintenance and reduces downtime by ensuring the proper track tension when the engine is running and relieving pressure on the track components when the engine is turned off. Another exclusive feature, the IdealAccess fold-up door, allows operation of the machine with the door in the open position for added ventilation and safety. The overall machine operating height is also several inches lower with the IdealAccess door. Operating Gehl track loaders is intuitive, easy and customizable, says the company. T R A C K L O A D E R S Model Engine Horsepower Net HP Operating Capacity 50 Percent Operating Capacity 35 Percent Operating Weight (Ground Pressure) Tip Load Lift Height (Orientation) Height to Hinge Pin RT165 68.4 hp 2,357 lbs 1,650 lbs 8,020 lbs (6.5 psi) 4,715 lbs 9 ft, 11.6 in. (Radial) RT175 GEN:3 68.4 hp 2,500 lbs 1,750 lbs 8,605 lbs (6.2 psi) 5,000 lbs 10 ft, 8 in. (Radial) RT210 GEN:3 70.7 hp 3,000 lbs 2,100 lbs 9,800 lbs (4.7 psi) 6,000 lbs 10 ft, 8 in. (Radial) RT215 70.7 hp 3,072 lbs 2,150 lbs 9,900 lbs (4.8 psi) 6,144 lbs 10 ft, 8 in. (Radial) RT250 GEN:3 70.7 hp 3,571 lbs 2,500 lbs 11,470 lbs (5.3 psi) 7,143 lbs 10 ft, 8 in. (Radial) VT320 108 hp 4,571 lbs 3,200 lbs 11,610 lbs (5.3 psi) 9,143 lbs 10 ft, 10 in. (Vertical)

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