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JUL 2018

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S K I D S T E E R S V olvo Construction Equipment released three new compact track loader models in 2018 — the MCT110D, MCT125D and MCT135D — joining the MCT85C in the product line. The D-Series machines increase the lifting capabilities, pro- vide new safety measures and unparalleled operator comfort while still offering the durability and loading performance customers enjoyed with the preceding C-Series models, says Volvo. The D-Series is the result of customer feedback, significant research and develop- ment and a great deal of field testing. Thanks to that work, D-Series models come with significant rated operating capacity (ROC) improvements of anywhere from 4 to 11 percent over their predecessors. The D-Series machines are equipped with a fully enclosed attachment bracket that eliminates the need for greasing of the lock- ing pins, as well as a replaceable, reversible wear plate. The new visual indicator lets the operator know when the attachment is locked. The side-opening door is now wider and more easily accessible with new orange, bolted-on handrails for easy three-point grip. A new cab air vent will also help op- erators close the cab door with less effort. With a lower profile single-arm design, visibility is increased to 270 degrees, up to 60 percent more than conventional, two-arm models. Cab improvements also focus on operator comfort. Volvo's D-Se- ries comes fitted with an adjustable seat, a noise-insulated cab with generous leg- room and storage, an advanced climate- control system, easy-to-read gauges and two ergonomic consoles. The ROPS/FOPS high-spec Volvo cab is among the largest on the market, offering 30 percent more room than standard compact track load- ers, says Volvo. Another key to the D-Series is simpli- fying service. Serviceability is improved with a new tilt cylinder location that al- lows for a cabin that tilts forward with- out raising the arm with the removal of only two bolts — making maintenance safe and easy for one person. Customers can also benefit from a range of services and support programs, such as the Volvo Lifetime Frame and Structure Warranty, which covers the loader boom and arm for the life of the equipment under the first owner. The D-Series continues Volvo's commitment to safety, innovation and ef- ficiency. With 24/7/365 active machine monitoring and monthly fleet reports, Volvo's Ac- tiveCare Direct allows you to spend more time making informed fleet management decisions and less time sorting through data and alarm codes. Contractors can make fleet management the easiest part of their business with ActiveCare Direct's 24/7 Active Machine monitoring and fleet reports. Using CareTrack — the Volvo telemat- ics system — thousands of machine data points are captured and sent to the Volvo Uptime Center in Shippensburg, Pa., where a team of data analysts and a proprietary system monitors and analyzes machine health in real time. You'll receive a monthly fleet utilization report to help identify opportunities to improve worksite efficiency. If a machine requires attention, Volvo communicates with your dealer. 53 Volvo Four Models Offer Durability and Industry- Leading Comfort Advice to Buyers "When considering pur- chasing a compact track load- er, look at the type of work you will most commonly be using it for in order to evalu - ate all the following criteria," says Lars Arnold, global prod - uct manager, Volvo Construc- tion Equipment. "Will you be doing more digging and grading or more material han- dling and truck loading? This will impact the decision to go with vertical or radial lift. What's your required loading height and ROC? What types of attachments do you plan to use? Will high-flow auxil- iary hydraulics and seven-way controls be required to run them?" T R A C K L O A D E R S Model Engine Horsepower Net HP Operating Capacity 50 Percent Operating Capacity 35 Percent Operating Weight (Ground Pressure) Tip Load Lift Height (Orientation) Height to Hinge Pin MCT85C 60.5 hp 2,714 lbs 1,900 lbs 8,355 lbs (NA) 5,429 lbs 9 ft, 9 in. (Vertical) MCT110D 72.5 hp 3,860 lbs 2,526 lbs 10,622 lbs (NA) 7,721 lbs 10 ft, 5 in. (Radial) MCT125D 72.5 hp 3,995 lbs 2,723 lbs 11,003 lbs (NA) 7,990 lbs 10 ft, 5 in. (Vertical) MCT135D 72.5 hp 4,314 lbs 3,000 lbs 11,219 lbs (NA) 8,627 lbs 10 ft, 5 in. (Vertical)

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