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JUL 2018

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G ehl began manufacturing agricultural implements out of West Bend, Wis., in 1859. From those humble beginnings in a blacksmith shop, the Gehl brand has become a major force in the compact equipment industry worldwide. Today, Gehl's cutting-edge research and design facility is still locat- ed in West Bend with North American manufacturing operations in Yankton, S.D., Madison, S.D., Waco, Texas, and Belvidere, Ill. Gehl introduced its first compact excavator range in 1987. The now fourth generation Gehl excavator product offering provides key, market-focused models with customer-driven features. Over the years, Gehl excavators have become more user-friendly with features like zero and minimal tail swing for operation in tight places and large comfortable cabs with superior visibility. Today, Gehl's compact excavator range consists of eight models: the M08, Z17 GEN:2, Z25, Z35 GEN:2, Z45 GEN:2, Z55, Z80 GEN:2 and M100. The small- est in the line, the Gehl M08, offers condensed dimensions with a width of only 27 in. and a length of 8 ft, 6 in., making it easy to transport as well as maneuver on sidewalks and travel through gates and doorways. The largest machine, the M100, opens up doors for dealer-owned rental fleets, util- ity contractors, commercial construction and agricultural markets. This groundbreaking machine has a dig depth of 14 ft, 10 in. and operating capacity of more than 20,000 lbs with a robust minimal tail swing that will go 60 de- grees in either direction to allow consistent digging with- out repositioning. Each Gehl excavator model is built around a power- ful and reliable Yanmar engine. The hydraulic system is designed to enhance engine performance, resulting in a more efficient system. The Z models are true zero tail swing machines, eliminating cab overhang beyond the tracks in all directions. This allows the machine to oper- ate directly against a wall or other obstruction without causing damage to the structure or machine. The M mod- els have a minimal tail swing design that provides addi- tional stability and operator comfort. When rotated, the tail overhangs the undercarriage by less than 20 percent and cast side protectors provide added protection at the base of the house. Two variable pumps and two gear pumps are incorpo- rated into the hydraulic system in Gehl excavators. The pump oil flows are efficiently combined, redirecting oil to where it is needed and allowing for simultaneous operation without loss of hydraulic power. The M100, Z35 GEN:2, Z45 GEN:2, Z55 and Z80 GEN:2 exca- vators add the Eco Mode feature. This mode reduces engine rpm by 10 percent without sacrificing power when activated, saving fuel when full speed is not necessary. Gehl compact excavators transform to meet the needs of landscape, utility, construction and rental applications with the wide variety of Edge at- tachments available. The versatility and features of the Gehl compact excava- tor line means less downtime and better return on investment. 61 Advice to Buyers "Purchase a unit that best fits the majority of applica- tions that you work in. In most cases, excavator designs are very similar across brands, and it is the performance, de- sign and comfort that sepa- rates them," explains Christophe Ebembe, Gehl product man- ager of compact ex- cavators. "Once you have selected the best unit for your type of work, attachments are a great way to custom- ize the unit to your applications." Gehl Eight Units Celebrating Four Generations of Innovative Digging *Operating weight with canopy. **Operating weight with cab. Model Engine Horsepower Net HP Max. Digging Depth Max. Reach At Ground Level Bucket Breakout Force With Quick Coupler Bucket Breakout Force Without Quick Coupler Operating Weight (Ground Pressure) M08 10 hp 4 ft, 11.1 in. 8 ft, 11.5 in. NA 2,360 lbs 2,348 lbs (4.2 psi)* Z17 GEN:2 14.5 hp 7 ft, 2.6 in. 12 ft, 2.1 in. NA 3,417 lbs 3,836 lbs (4.1 psi)* Z25 19.7 hp 9 ft, 8 in. 15 ft, 9 in. 4,079 lbs 5,203 lbs 5,919 lbs (4.4 psi)* Z35 GEN: 2 23.9 hp 10 ft, 8 in. 17 ft, 3.5 in. 5,643 lbs 7,216 lbs 7,905 lbs (4.8 psi)* Z45 GEN: 2 37.7 hp 11 ft, 7.8 in. 18 ft, 10 in. 6,497 lbs 8,206 lbs 10,417 lbs (4.3 psi)* Z55 44.9 hp 12 ft, 9.5 in 20 ft, 1.7 in. 7,464 lbs 9,419 lbs 11,850 lbs (4.25 psi)* Z80 GEN:2 55.7 hp 14 ft, 4.4 in. 23 ft, 5.1 in. 11,332 lbs 14,286 lbs 18,136 lbs (5.2 psi)** M100 69.3 hp 14 ft, 10.3 in. 24 ft, 3.3 in. 12,216 lbs NA 21,550 lbs (5.5 psi)** E X C A V A T O R S

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