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JUL 2018

Compact Equipment is a magazine dedicated to equipment owners and operators of small, nimble, tool-carrying construction, landscape and ag equipment — such as skid steers, mini excavators, compact tractors, generators compressors and beyond.

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64 Compact Equipment JULY/AUGUST 2018 J CB has decades of experience in manufacturing full-size and compact excava- tors. The company currently offers 12 compact excavator models, ranging from the 1.8-ton 18Z-1 to the 10-ton 100C-1. While the JCB lineup of com- pact excavators is deployed to a wide variety of construction applications, ma- chines in the 1.8- to 4-ton range are commonly used in landscaping applications and are a popular choice for rental fleet managers. Machines in heavier weight classes are most popular for larger excavation, sewer and pipeline projects. According to JCB, its compact excavators provide operators and fleet manag- ers with the advantages of some of the strongest, most versatile, easily main- tained and safest machines on the market. JCB excavators feature heavy-duty, fully-welded H-frames for solid, rigid structures and a low center of gravity. Track components are sealed for life. JCB hydraulic systems boast the latest industry technology O-Ring Face Seal (ORFS) hydraulic fittings, providing good sealing ca- pabilities. JCB's programmable twin auxiliary lines provide high and optional low JCB Twelve Compact Earthmovers from the Global Equipment Giant Advice to Buyers "The transport weight of a compact excavator will be of critical importance to many buyers, especially for those who prefer to tow the machine behind a conventional pickup and/or without a commercial driver's license," says Youssef Ben Jemaa, JCB North Ameri- ca's compact excavator prod- uct manager. "Laws relating to maximum towing weight vary from state to state, so buyers should familiarize themselves with their local regulations and consider the transport weight of their compact excavator, along with the trailer and tow- ing vehicle, to ensure they are operating within the law when transporting the machine from one jobsite to another." E X C A V A T O R S Model Engine Horsepower Net HP Max. Digging Depth Max. Reach At Ground Level Bucket Breakout Force Operating Weight (Ground Pressure) 18Z-1 23 hp 8 ft 12 ft, 6 in. 4,047 lbs 3,691 lbs (4.7 psi) 19C-1 23 hp 8 ft, 5 in. 13 ft, 1 in. 4,047 lbs 3,869 lbs (4.7 psi) 8029 CTS 24.7 hp 10 ft 15 ft, 3 in. 5,170 lbs 6,321 lbs (5.5 psi) 45Z-1 44.8 hp 11 ft, 11 in. 19 ft, 2 in. 8,543 lbs 9,870 lbs (NA) 48Z-1 44.8 hp 11 ft, 7 in. 18 ft, 8 in. 8,543 lbs 10,564 lbs (NA) 55Z-1 44.8 hp 12 ft, 7 in. 19 ft, 8 in. 9,442 lbs 11,860 lbs (NA) 57C-1 44.8 hp 13 ft, 4 in. 20 ft, 1 in. 9,442 lbs 12,087 lbs (NA) 67C-1 51.5 hp 13 ft, 4 in. 21 ft, 2 in. 10,611 lbs 14,740 lbs (NA) 85Z-1 60.8 hp 12 ft, 2 in. 22 ft, 6 in. 12,837 lbs 18,298 lbs (5.7 psi) 86C-1 60.8 hp 14 ft, 10 in. 23 ft, 8 in. 12,837 lbs 18,960 lbs (5.8 psi) 90Z-1 70.3 hp 13 ft, 6 in. 24 ft, 7 in. 12,837 lbs 18,975 lbs (NA) 100C-1 70.3 hp 14 ft, 11 in. 24 ft, 5 in. 16,231 lbs 21,475 lbs (NA)

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