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JUL 2018

Compact Equipment is a magazine dedicated to equipment owners and operators of small, nimble, tool-carrying construction, landscape and ag equipment — such as skid steers, mini excavators, compact tractors, generators compressors and beyond.

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Page 72 of 135 73 T akeuchi Mfg. began in 1963 and has been a pioneer in the compact equip- ment industry ever since. Takeuchi developed one of the world's first com- pact excavators in 1970, and the company's innovation continued again in the mid-'80s with the introduction of one of the first compact track loaders. Today, Takeuchi is a world leader in the manufacture and service of compact construction equipment, including track loaders, wheel loaders, conventional excavators and zero tail swing excavators. According to Takeuchi, its compact excavators are designed and engineered to be powerful, efficient and durable, providing a high level of quality and per- formance. Takeuchi products are the result of extensive research, testing and refinement and feature a standard two-year, 2,000-hour full machine warranty. Takeuchi compact excavators have feature sets that include a pattern change valve, pilot controls, proportional auxiliary hydraulic controls, long arms with integrated thumb mounts, spacious operator's stations and maintenance access. Takeuchi customers are looking for dependable, productive excavators that de- liver great performance and value. Takeuchi says it incorporates solutions into every component and feature for greater uptime. Takeuchi offers buckets, couplers and thumbs from the factory. All Takeuchi excavators come standard with auxiliary hydraulics plumbed to mid arm that can operate a variety of dif- ferent attachments that are available through its dealer network. All Takeuchi ma- chines from its 6-ton weight class and up feature boom holding valves that will sta- bilize the boom and arm in case of a loss in hydraulic pressure as well as an over load alarm that alerts the operator when hydraulic capacity has been reached. Takeuchi machines are pur- pose built with extremely high build quality and at- tention to detail. The size of components and materials used across the entire line provides greater durability and extends the life of the machines, says Takeuchi. Model Engine Horsepower Net HP Max. Digging Depth Max. Reach At Ground Level Bucket Breakout Force Operating Weight (Ground Pressure) TB210R 11.7 hp 5 ft, 9.1 in. 10 ft, 9.4 in. 2,518 lbs 2,370 lbs (4.1 psi) TB216 15 hp 7 ft, 10 in. 13 ft, 5 in. 4,250 lbs 3,902 lbs (4.3 psi) TB216H (Hybrid) 14.9 hp (14.2 hp*) 7 ft, 10 in. 13 ft, 5 in. 4,250 lbs 4,211 lbs (4.3 psi) TB230 24.4 hp 9 ft, 3.6 in. 15 ft, 10.9 in. 6,471 lbs 6,360 lbs (3.9 psi) TB235-2 24.4 hp 10 ft, 7.8 in. 17 ft, 2.9 in. 9,127 lbs 7,639 lbs (4.6 psi) TB240 35.8 hp 11 ft, 4.4 in. 18 ft, 2.3 in. 9,959 lbs 8,570 lbs (3.9 psi) TB260 47.6 hp 12 ft, 9.4 in. 20 ft, 6.9 in. 12,756 lbs 12,180 lbs (4.51 psi) TB280FR 69.2 hp 14 ft, 11 in. 23 ft, 7 in. 16,335 lbs 19,240 lbs (5.7 psi) TB290 69.2 hp 15 ft 24 ft, 5 in. 16,565 lbs 18,630 lbs (5.5 psi) TB2150 114 hp 18 ft 28 ft, 9 in. 22,190 lbs 34,480 lbs (6.9 psi) Takeuchi 10 Right-Sized Diggers from the Japanese Equipment Innovator Advice to Buyers "With the versatility of to- day's excavators, it is impor- tant to find a machine that provides the greatest value and feature sets," says Lee Padgett, product manager at Takeuchi- US. "Also, determining the right class excavator based on weight, width and dig depth is a key first step." *Electric variant. E X C A V A T O R S

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