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JUL 2018

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74 Compact Equipment JULY/AUGUST 2018 V olvo Construction Equipment offers nine models of compact excavators — eight of them tracked machines and one wheeled. The latest addition to the lineup is the EC27D mini excavator, a tracked model. Nomenclature denotes the approximate operating weight in metric tons (e.g. the EC20D has an operat- ing weight of 2 tons). Volvo compact excavators range from 2 to 9.3 tons. Volvo offers five models of conventional swing radius — the EC20D, EC27D, EC35C, EC60E and EW60E. Volvo also offers four short tail swing models — the ECR25D, ECR40D, ECR58D and ECR88D. Volvo's X-frame undercarriage on compact excavators is similar to that of its larger excavators. With one of the thickest tracks and HD drive sprockets in the industry, says Volvo, these units ensure long life and provide protection from harsh conditions. Another feature is the automatic kick-down in the drive system that automatically shifts to low range when making a turn or climbing a grade. Dozer blades are standard on all Volvo compact excavator models as well, and a float blade is standard from EC35 up to ECR88D. Four-way angle blades are also optional on these models. Volvo compact excavators have one of the largest cabs in the compact excava- tor industry, and the machines are packed with features that improve safety and ease of maintenance. Cab and canopy units have ROPS/ FOPS/TOPS safety-certified struc- tures. The canopy version is the most common on the compact excavator. However, if you want to increase the time, the machine, cab heat and AC are good features to have. An operator is normally more efficient in a cab machine, and the cab protects the machine and can increase resale value. Back to safety: The machine's hydraulic and drive functions are disabled by raising the left control console when entering or leav- ing the cab to prevent accidental movement. Filters, fills and service points are all easily accessed from ground level. Retractable safety belts and travel alarms are stan- dard on all models, which continu- ally reinforces one Volvo core value — safety. Volvo also can supply a wide range of attachments that are properly sized for the machine and application. For use of hydraulic attachments such as thumbs or breakers, all Volvo compact excavators come standard with single (hammer) and double (thumb) hydraulic circuits. Volvo also offers mechanical or hydraulic attachment carriers. Volvo Nine Models Fill the Range with Four Short Tail Swing Machines Model Engine Horsepower Net HP Max. Digging Depth Max. Reach At Ground Level Bucket Breakout Force Operating Weight (Ground Pressure) ECR25D NA 9 ft, 1 in. 15 ft, 1 in. 4,554 lbs 5,489 lbs (4.5 psi) ECR40D NA 11 ft, 3 in. 18 ft, 8 in. 7,394 lbs 8,554 lbs (5.2 psi) ECR58D 47 hp 12 ft, 11 in. 20 ft, 5 in. 7,780 lbs 12,550 lbs (5.2 psi) ECR88D 56 hp 13 ft, 7 in. 22 ft, 4 in. 12,860 lbs 19,420 lbs (5.9 psi) EC20D NA 7 ft, 5 in. 13 ft 4,107 lbs 4,300 lbs (4.4 psi) EC27D 20.9 hp 10 ft, 2 in. 15 ft, 4 in. 5,528 lbs 6,019 lbs (4 psi) EC35D NA 12 ft, 3 in. 18 ft, 8 in. 7,394 lbs 7,782 lbs (4.7 psi) EC60E 57 hp 12 ft, 2 in. 19 ft, 7 in. 9,720 lbs 12,830 lbs (5 psi) EW60E 60.6 hp 10 ft, 9.6 in. 19 ft, 9.2 in. 9,730 lbs 11,355-13,380 lbs (NA) Advice to Buyers "Customers can choose from a full range of compact excava- tors," explains John Comrie, product manager, Volvo Con- struction Equipment. "Con- sider how you plan to use and transport the machine along with the kinds of attachments required for the application. Try to recognize the realities of the environments you will be working in when deciding between a short swing and a conventional swing along with wheeled versus tracked." E X C A V A T O R S

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