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JUL 2018

Compact Equipment is a magazine dedicated to equipment owners and operators of small, nimble, tool-carrying construction, landscape and ag equipment — such as skid steers, mini excavators, compact tractors, generators compressors and beyond.

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J ohn Deere compact utility tractors can be used across multiple industries, from light commercial and landscaping to municipal and other non-residential environ- ments. The versatility of the compact utility tractors is what makes the machine appealing to contractors. John Deere offers a wide variety of implements designed for a multitude of jobs. A few of the more common implements used on compact utility tractors include a loader, mowing deck and backhoe, allowing John Deere compact utility tractors to quickly transition from material handling to grass mowing to digging tasks. Additional attachments allow Deere tractors to be used for tasks like snow re- moval, landscaping, maintenance and repair. John Deere compact utility tractor imple- ments are designed to easily connect and disconnect. Some implements, such as the AutoConnect mower deck, can be installed and removed simply by driving the front wheels of the tractor over it. Where some larger machines require well-trained operators, John Deere compact util- ity tractors are easy to use for all operators, says the company. The controls are intuitive and non-intimidating. Hydrostatic drives are also a common feature on these units, meaning new operators will find them as easy to drive as cars. John Deere offers four model families of compact utility tractors to meet the varying needs of customers: 1) family sub-compact util- ity tractors (up to 25 hp); 2) family compact utility trac- tors (25 to 38 hp); 3) fam- ily compact utility tractors (25 to 46 hp); and 4) family compact utility tractors (44 to 66 hp). Some of the more popu- lar models, the John Deere 3E Series compact utility tractors offer customers ma- chines that are powerful and easy to use. Providing a tight turning radius, the 3E machines are maneuverable and increase wheelbase and weight for improved ma- chine stability. Easy-to-use, color-coded controls increase overall comfort and conve- nience during operation. The independent PTO system eliminates the need to stop and clutch to engage or disengage the PTO. An easy-to-use, two-range hydrostatic transmis- sion increases tractor performance while eliminating clutching for fast and easy direc- tion changes. John Deere Four Different Families of Utility Tractors Advice to Buyers "When purchasing a compact utility trac- tor, it's important for customers to consider how they plan to use the tractor, whether it is for their property or business," says Jon Sche- bler, product marketing manager for compact tractors, John Deere. "Working with a dealer, discuss the tasks you pri- marily will use the trac- tor for, as well as any specific machine needs such as horsepower or transmission type. Ad- ditionally, consider any implements, including a loader or backhoe, that you may need for your intended tasks." 81 Model Engine Horsepower Net HP PTO Horsepower Bucket Breakout Force Max. Travel Speed Operating Weight 1023E 22.4 hp 15.3 hp NA NA 1,345 lbs 1025R 23.9 hp 18 hp NA NA 1,444 lbs 2025R 23.9 hp 18 hp NA NA 1,793 lbs 2032R 31.2 hp 24.2 hp NA NA 2,436 lbs 2038R 36.7 hp 30.4 hp NA NA 2,436 lbs 3025E 27.4 hp 17.4 hp NA NA 2,222 lbs 3032E 31.1 hp 25 hp NA NA 2,222 lbs 3038E 37.7 hp 30 hp NA NA 2,222 lbs 3033R 32.2 hp 24.3 hp NA NA 3,570 lbs 3039R 38.7 hp 31.1 hp NA NA 3,570 lbs 3046R 45.3 hp 34.1 hp NA NA 3,570 lbs 4044M 43.1 hp 34.6 hp NA NA 3,770 lbs 4052M 51.5 hp 42.2 hp NA NA 3,770 lbs 4066M 65.9 hp 58 hp NA NA 3,770 lbs 4044R 43.1 hp 34.6 hp NA NA 4,675 lbs 4052R 51.5 hp 42.2 hp NA NA 4,675 lbs 4066R 65.9 hp 58 hp NA NA 4,675 lbs T R A C T O R S

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