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JUL 2018

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K ubota Tractor Corp. was founded in California in 1972, three years after the first Kubotas — the 12-hp L200s — came to America and filled a void in the U.S. marketplace for sub-compact tractors. Shortly thereafter, Kubota introduced all of its primary tractor lines — the BX, B, L and M Series — and according to EDA Data, Kubota has been the No. 1 selling brand of compact tractors in the United States for more than 11 years. Ranging from 17.5 to 62 hp, Kubota compact tractors are ideal for everything from estate maintenance chores to commercial landscaping and small farming. In the last four years, Kubota's L2501 compact tractor has blazed a trail to tractor ownership for first-time buyers. With 24.8 hp on a larger chassis, cleaner emissions and modern styling, the L2501 compact tractor has the performance and features to get the job done right, at an outstanding price. The model features deluxe styling with plenty of extras for a more spacious, ergonomic and comfortable ride. Beyond its af- fordability, the model sets itself apart from the competition with smooth operation and maneuverability, designed to deliver a higher level of performance, says Kubota. No matter the season or weather conditions, the Standard L Series has a versatile range of implements to handle virtually any job — from the LA525 front loader and the BH77 backhoe to pallet forks, bale spears and rear snow blowers. Also, thanks to Land Pride, a Kubota- owned company, custom- ers have access to many other Kubota performance- matched implements such as rear rotary cutters, rear rotary tillers, rear blades and much more. All of Kubota's compact tractor lines — from the B Series to the Grand L60 Series — stand out with Kubota en- gineering, quality and du- rability, says the company. The Grand L60 Series offers the features and comforts of a deluxe tractor on a com- pact frame, providing high performance to commer- cial, residential and farm jobs. Kubota The No. 1 Selling Compact Tractor Brand in the United States for More than a Decade Advice to Buyers "I would say that the majority of our cus- tomers are small pri - vate property owners," says Robert Cockroft, Kubota senior product manager, sub and com- pact tractors. "However, compact tractors can be found in all sorts of other applications rang- ing from rental yards to landscapers. Manu- facturers offers a wide variety of models that fit everyone's needs, re- gardless of their applica- tion." 83 Model Engine Horsepower Net HP PTO Horsepower Bucket Breakout Force Max. Travel Speed Operating Weight B2301HSD 20.1 hp 17.5 hp 1,521 lbs 11.9 mph 1,566 lbs B2601HSD 23.4 hp 19.5 hp 1,521 lbs 12.7 mph 1,632 lbs B2650HSD 23.3 hp 19.5 hp 1,691 lbs 11.9 mph 1,786 lbs B3350HSD 29.6 hp 27 hp 1,691 lbs 14.3 mph 1,896 lbs B3350SUHSD 29.6 hp 27 hp 1,691 lbs 11.4 mph 1,874 lbs B2320DT/DTN 23 hp 18 hp 1,648 lbs 11.2 mph 1,433 lbs B2650HSDC 23.3 hp 19.5 hp 1,691 lbs 11.8 mph 2,293 lbs B3350HSDC 29.6 hp 27 hp 1,691 lbs 13.6 mph 2,447 lbs L2501F/DT/HST 23.9 hp 20.5 hp (19 hp)* 1,874 lbs 10.7 mph (11.5 mph)* 2,425 lbs (2,623 lbs)* L3301F/DT/HST 31.4 hp 27.7 hp (26.2 hp)* 1,874 lbs 13.2 mph (14.1 mph)* 2,557 lbs (2,778 lbs)* L3901F/DT/HST 36.3 hp 32.1 hp (30.6 hp)* 1,874 lbs 13.2 mph (14.1 mph)* 2,590 lbs (2,778 lbs)* L4701F/DT/HST 44.8 hp 39.3 hp (37.8 hp)* 2,443 lbs 14.9 mph (15.8 mph)* 3,219 lbs (3,307 lbs)* L3560DT/GST/HST/HSTC 35 hp 29.5 hp (28 hp)* 2,549 lbs 15.8 mph (16.5 mph)* 3,880 lbs** L4060DT/GST/HST/HSTC 40 hp 34 hp (32.5 hp)* 2,549 lbs 16 mph (16.8 mph)* 4,134 lbs** L4760GST/HST/HSTC 47 hp 41 hp (39.5 hp)* 3,171 lbs 16 mph (16.8 mph)* 4,222 lbs** L5060GST 50 hp 44 hp 3,171 lbs 16.5 mph 3,979 lbs** L5460HST/HSTC 54 hp 46.5 hp 3,171 lbs 16.8 mph 4,365 lbs** L6060HST/HSTC 60 hp 53 hp 3,171 lbs 16.8 mph 4,365 lbs** * Featuring a hydrostatic transmission (HST). ** Featuring a ROPS. T R A C T O R S

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