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JUL 2018

Compact Equipment is a magazine dedicated to equipment owners and operators of small, nimble, tool-carrying construction, landscape and ag equipment — such as skid steers, mini excavators, compact tractors, generators compressors and beyond.

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T R A C T O R S 96 Compact Equipment JULY/AUGUST 2018 Model (Max. Seating) Engine Horsepower Net HP Engine Type Max. Traveling Speed Fuel Tank Capacity Payload Capacity Operating Weight HPX 615E (2) 20 hp Gas 25 mph 5.3 gal 1,400 lbs 1,500 lbs HPX 815E (2) 18.2 hp Diessel 25 mph 5.3 gal 1,400 lbs 1,526 lbs HPX 4x4 (2) 21 hp Gas 25 mph 5.3 gal 1,400 lbs 1,296 lbs HPX 4x4 (2) 18.5 hp Diesel 25 mph 5.3 gal 1,600 lbs 1,473 lbs TE 4x2 Electric (2) 6 hp Electric 15 mph NA 900 lbs 1,470 lbs TH 6x4 (2) 15.5 hp Gas 20 mph 5 gal 1,400 lbs 1,087 lbs TH 6x4 (2) 18.5 hp Diesel 20 mph 5.3 gal 1,600 lbs 1,389 lbs TS 4x2 (2) 13.5 hp Gas 20 mph 5.2 gal 900 lbs 915 lbs TX 4x2 (2) 15.5 hp Gas 20 mph 5 gal 1,000 lbs 1,120 lbs XUV560E (2) 16 hp Gas 28 mph 4.9 gal 800 lbs 1,270 lbs XUV560E S4 (4) 16 hp Gas 28 mph 4.9 gal 800 lbs 1,497 lbs XUV590E (2) 32 hp Gas 45 mph 7.4 gal 800 lbs 1,421 lbs XUV590E S4 (4) 32 hp Gas 45 mph 7.4 gal 1,200 lbs 1,646 lbs XUV590M (2) 32 hp Gas 45 mph 7.4 gal 800 lbs 1,434 lbs XUV590M S4 (4) 32 hp Gas 45 mph 7.4 gal 1,200 lbs 1,659 lbs XUV560 (2) 16 hp Gas 28 mph 4.9 gal 800 lbs 1,270 lbs XUV560 S4 (4) 16 hp Gas 28 mph 4.9 gal 1,200 lbs 1,497 lbs XUV 590i (2) 32 hp Gas 48 mph 7.4 gal 800 lbs 1,421 lbs XUV 590i S4 (4) 32 hp Gas 48 mph 7.4 gal 1,200 lbs 1,646 lbs John Deere The UTV Originator Still Has a Giant Product Line Advice to Buyers "When considering a util- ity vehicle, it is important for buyers to consider how they will use the machine to deter- mine the model that is best for their desired application," says Kevin Lund, John Deere product line marketing man- ager for utility vehicles. "A dealer can help buyers navi- gate through all of the many options by discussing how the buyer will use the machine. Based on how much will be carried, the type of terrain it'll be used on, number of people that will be transported, de- sired vehicle speed and fuel type, the dealer can help buy- ers select the right model for their business." J ohn Deere was a pioneer in the utility vehicle category in 1987 with the intro- duction of the five-wheeled AMT 600/622. In 1992, the first John Deere Gator models came to market. Between 2007 and 2016, John Deere launched its cross- over category with both a full-size and a mid-size vehicle, and in 2013 two heavy- duty, four-seat models were introduced. Today, John Deere currently has several models geared for the commercial con- tractor, offering 19 models across three categories: Work, Crossover and High- Performance. The John Deere Work Series utility vehicles were designed to provide the reliabil- ity and productivity needed to tackle jobs. The Gator TS features 13.5 hp and a large cargo capacity combined with a light footprint on turf. The Gator TX features 15.5 hp and delivers more torque, low-end lugging power and faster acceleration. The 4x2 model delivers a well-cushioned ride with a specially tuned four-wheel suspen- sion. More power, more capacity and more wheels on the ground highlight the Ga- tor TH 6x4 gas (15.5-hp) and diesel (18.5-hp) models. The Gator HPX 4x4 is the fast- est work utility vehicle in the Gator lineup with a top speed of 25 mph, but it's also the most terrain capable with true four- wheel drive and a dual range CVT transmission. The TX and TH models come equipped with a deluxe cargo box that has 16 cu ft of capacity, 20 integrated tie-down points and converts to a useful flatbed mode. John Deere says one of the most popular Gator models on the market is the XUV825i. This four-wheel-drive, heavy- duty model features a 16-cu-ft cargo box that can convert to a flatbed and has numerous at- tachment and storage options. Most recently John Deere un- veiled its newest additions to the Gator lineup, the XUV835 and XUV865 utility vehicle models. The gas-powered 54-hp XUV835 and diesel- powered 23-hp XUV865 utility vehicles feature a quiet cab, three-wide seating, im- proved ergonomics and available heating and air conditioning, ideal for operators working in a variety of weather conditions. UTILITY VEHICLES

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