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Compact Equipment is a magazine dedicated to equipment owners and operators of small, nimble, tool-carrying construction, landscape and ag equipment — such as skid steers, mini excavators, compact tractors, generators compressors and beyond.

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styles are double-sided, allowing the operator to flip them once they are worn on one side. While knives are very effective in light brush and clean materials, they are prone to damage and breakage when they encounter rocks and foreign debris and also wear faster when engaged in the soil. Carbide cutting tools are versa- tile and are typically better suited for hard woods and varied material streams. Single-tipped carbide de- signs are more aggressive with hard wood, while double-sided carbide designs are more versatile — provid- ing a mixture of performance and durability. Often single and double- sided carbide tools can be used in combination on the same rotor to deal with ever-changing materials. When working in areas where rock cannot be avoided such as near gravel creeks or in areas where limestone is shallow, it might be wise to opt for stone tools. These provide good du- rability and wear life in challenging conditions, especially where a lot of ground engagement is anticipated. For very severe conditions, many manufacturers offer severe-duty tools. Generally, these are variations of the carbide tooling, sometimes with additional hard facing or wear plates added to slow the body wear in highly abrasive conditions. One question that often arises is: How long will the tools last? It is difficult to anticipate service life for tooling because conditions vary from job to job. Operators also play a key role in tooling life. While tooling is well suited for shredding brush and woody debris, any tooling will wear faster when exposed to a steady diet of dirt. Some manufacturers claim that tools have an average life of over 300 hours. Your mileage may vary. Carrier Is Key As you continue your search for a mulching attachment, keep in mind the vital role that the carrier plays in the process. Proper hydraulic flow and pressure are essential for the op- timal functioning of any attachment, especially those with high torque requirements, like mulchers. While manufacturers offer suggested flow ranges, these often vary. Pressure and flow at the lowest ends of your speci- fied ranges means that your mulcher will not be as effective as it would be at pressure and flow delivered at the higher ranges. For example, if all of the hydraulic pressure and flow is used to operate the mulcher, there is no extra capacity to move the car- rier around the jobsite. The dynamics on the cutting surfaces may also be impacted, and you are likely to see less service life from wear parts at this range than at higher flows and pres- sures. Housing In addition to the components in- dicated, there are additional items to consider, such as material type and thickness used in the construc- tion of the housing. Always look for the weakest link — that will likely become a problem area. If the ro- tor is stout, the tools are well suited 22 Compact Equipment SEPTEMBER 2018 AT T A C H M E N T C E N T R A L Berlon added to its compact tool carrier attach- ment arsenal with a Mini Forestry Claw. The Mini Forestry Claw's strength and durability allows you to load, unload and transport large logs and debris up to 2,000 lbs. It features high-visibility orange claws that allow you to see where you are grab- bing the brush or limb piles. The claw features a 60-in. opening and is fully articulated, granting free movement without having to move the machine, which saves landscapes and lawns. The claw is de- signed with extra reinforcements in critical areas to prevent bending and breaking without adding ad- ditional weight. Most features of the Mini Forestry Claw were requests that came straight from arbor- ists. Berlon's design comes complete with aggres- sive teeth. You can find the teeth plates connected to the mounting plate. This helps stabilize and se- cure logs when transporting them straight out in front of the machine. For more info, visit berlon. com . BERLON INTRODUCES NEW MINI FORESTRY CLAW COOL TOOL MONTH OF THE

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