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OCT 2018

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26 Compact Equipment OCTOBER 2018 She adds that operators like the lower blade because they can more easily see over it. "They also like the height because it is easier getting in and out," she says. Besides the lower top edge, Strelcheck notes "our cus- tomers like the AR400 steel edge for high abrasion resis- tance. They like the curl on the blade and the way the snow rolls off it." One of the more popular SnowEx plows is its patent- ed Speedwing. The 8-ft, 7-in. blade includes mechanical wings that can be fanned forward together in scoop mode or configured in complementary positions to create an angling windrowing blade. What especially stands out is that the wings change automatically as the blade is angled. When the left end of the blade is in a leading position, for example, the left wing swings forward to cleanly cut the snow and the right wing flattens out to extend the width of the pass. The counter-positioning of the wings is "intui- tive," as the manufacturer puts it, and enhances the speed and efficiency of back-and-forth windrowing. "It is simple to use from an operator standpoint. Most novices can use it," says Seth Bergerud, product manager at SnowEx. "As you windrow, you're not dealing with ad- ditional controls inside the cab. You are simply angling left or right and getting more efficiency out of it." New this working season on SnowEx skid steer blades is an oscillating mount that lets the plow tip six degrees in each direction so it can ride rolling terrain and keep its cutting edge on the surface. Another new feature is a sloped attachment plate that attaches a blade to a skid steer at a 10-degree forward-sloping angle. This interme- diate plate allows an operator to raise the blade off the surface by using the bucket curl control function, rather than raising the machine's arms. The result is saved time. It is particularly useful on older model machines that lack a self-leveling function. On the SnowEx website is an Efficiency Calculator where you can select a plow model and size of blade from any of eight manufacturers and enter an average plow time using the plow. Punch a button and the calculator mathemati- cally computes and displays estimated time saved were a SnowEx blade used instead. "It was created after gathering lots of information over time on our own products and rival products," Bergerud says. Buyers have lots of options in shopping for a snowplow for a skid steer or track loader. The diversity and strength of the plow manufacturing sector is acknowledged by Blanken- heim. "While we have the largest brand recognition period, because we invented the category, quite candidly, there are three or four other very good companies out there." Having given competitors their due, Blankenheim puts his Meyer hat back on. "But we have the best warranty in the mar- ket, bar none. Five years. Bumper to bumper. Parts and labor. It covers everything except wear items." He suggests this certi- fied backing of its snowplows gives Meyer a steely edge in the market. "Our warranty is very appealing to a commercial guy." Giles Lambertson is a freelancer writer for Compact Equipment. The best-selling plow for SnowEx is its patented Speedwing.

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