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NOV-DEC 2018

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wear, however, are the blades and counter blades. The operator should check these components for wear in con- nection with each weekly inspection and replace the parts before they become worn to such an extent that contin- ued operation wears the holding structures for the blades and drums or other structural components. Base Machine Requirements Considering a skid steer base as the machine, screener crusher buckets are available in a variety of model sizes, often ranging from 4,400 to 17,600 lbs in weight. The hy- draulic flow, in gallons per minute (gpm), converts to the rotating drums' revolutions per minute (rpm). A correctly set flow provides the best capacity and minimizes wear. On a skid steer, these attachments require a low flow of 8 to 18 gpm at 3,000 maximum psi (which converts to the drums' torque). A correctly set maximum pressure pro- vides easy start and reverse operation of the drums. Attachment Selection Screener crusher buckets are popular with rental com- panies because they allow the companies to increase their fleet utilization — as they rent out two machines at once: the carrier and the attachment. For contractors, the deci- sion to purchase or rent a material processing attachment typically involves a consideration of the cost of purchas- ing or renting a portable screen and/or crusher and all of the associated costs with operating the machines onsite. These costs include transporting the crushing and screen- ing plant(s) to the jobsite, their operating cost, the trans- portation and operating cost for a loader of some sort (e.g. a skid steer) and the cost of conveying or moving and loading the material away from the processing machine(s). Alternatively, if the contractor rents or purchases a screener crusher bucket, it will quick-attach to the skid steer, it is transportable on the base machine and it ac- complishes screening/crushing and loading the material in one step — with one operator and one machine. As previously mentioned, the ALLU Transformer attach- ments for skid steers are available in three model sizes — narrow, medium-width and wide. MSRP ranges from $17,000 to $26,000, plus mounting plate, hydraulic jump- er hoses and shipping. The narrow attachment is primar- ily used with mini excavators, but all three sizes will fit a skid steer. Each of these three sizes is available with three optional screening choices or three optional crushing sizes — 15, 25 and 50 mm — using axe blades for crushing or standard blades for screening. The wear hammers are eas- ily changeable and replaceable. Dale Mickle is vice president of sales and marketing for ALLU Group Inc. 21

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