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NOV-DEC 2018

Compact Equipment is a magazine dedicated to equipment owners and operators of small, nimble, tool-carrying construction, landscape and ag equipment — such as skid steers, mini excavators, compact tractors, generators compressors and beyond.

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Page 42 of 51 43 Burly Clod-Buster Topsoil Screener Excavated earth is not necessarily topsoil. If you're looking to create the latter from the former, we suggest Burly Attachments' new Clod-Buster Topsoil Screener, a skid steer/track loader attachment for turning mountains of dirt into ready-to-grade topsoil. The bucket digs into a pile, quickly filling its three-quarter-yard scoop. Its Hardox steel agitator shreds the hard clods of dirt, allowing only the fines to pass through the screener and providing a consistent grade of topsoil at a capacity of 50 tons per hour. When the agitator rotation is reversed, you can toss rock and debris into the back of the bucket. For more info, visit Boss Drag Pro Back Blade Plow Wait. A snowplow on the back of a truck? Yep. Boss Snowplow's new Drag Pro rear-mounted snowplow aims to improve productivity and efficiency when clearing parking lots, loading bays and residential driveways, clearing snow using the back of the truck and reducing the number of passes. Available in 8-ft fixed wing, 8- to 12-ft hydraulic folding wing and 8- to 16-ft hydraulic folding wing models, the Drag Pro can open wide to maximize the area being plowed. The folding wing and fixed wing models are easily controlled via handheld controller in the truck's cab. Boss is the first and only major manufacturer to have a product like this. For more info, visit John Deere Stump Shredder Stump removal is never an easy project, but it did recently get a lot easier for skid steer and track loader owners via John Deere's Stump Shredder. This unique attachment is designed with a low-speed, high- torque auger planetary drive that shreds tree stumps with reduced incidence of high-speed flying debris when compared to conventional stump grinders. Despite its slower operating speeds, stump removal is also faster than conventional grinders. Site cleanup is easy thanks to the small, contained chip pile produced by the attachment. Carbide tool replacement parts are not needed for the attachment. For more info, visit SnowEx Drop Pro 600 Drop Spreader Salt can be equally useful and detrimental depending on where it's spread to combat ice. Precision is important, which is why SnowEx's Drop Pro 600 is so interesting. It has a variable-speed digital control that allows for precise adjustment of the spreader's material feed rate, allowing the operator to only drop the amount needed for a job, saving on costs. Additionally, the drop spreader's controlled application keeps material on the sidewalk, rather than off the path where it can kill grass. The Drop Pro 600 requires only minimal wiring for installation on UTVs, tractors and other compact vehicles. For more info, visit

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