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JAN 2019

Compact Equipment is a magazine dedicated to equipment owners and operators of small, nimble, tool-carrying construction, landscape and ag equipment — such as skid steers, mini excavators, compact tractors, generators compressors and beyond.

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26 Compact Equipment JANUARY 2019 into the armrests, which can be adjusted for your perfect comfort level. Digital interfaces allow operators to individualize and save these machine settings, change languages and add security measures. Telematics systems can be installed to track and log all machine functions, spearhead maintenance schedules, perform security measures like geofencing and (eventually) help operators operate better. "Our skid steers feature pilot controls, updated cabins with simple rocker switches for machine functions and new LED monitors that provide a great deal of information to the operator including machine vitals," says Padgett. "Additionally, we offer optional high-flow auxiliary circuits making them outstanding hydraulic attachment platforms." So Much More Unfortunately, we can only discuss so much in these five pages, but there are lots of other options for skid steers and track loaders such as two types of lift patterns. "A radial-lift pattern provides a compact and simple linkage design that delivers a machine with good reach at mid-lift height and good performance in many applications — digging, dozing and finish grading," explains Coleman. "The radial-lift design also provides a lower weight and lower cost machine configuration than a vertical-lift model. However, the vertical-lift pattern provides additional value by providing higher lifting heights and extended reach at the top portion of the lift cycle, while preserving the excellent mid-lift reach found with radial-lift machines. Vertical-lift machines also offer higher rated operating capacities than comparable sized radial-lift machines. Material handling, truck loading, digging and stock piling are just a few applications where a vertical-lift machine excels." A variety of skid steer tires range from pneumatic to solid to foam-filled to airless options like Michelin's Tweel. Then you have tire tread patterns like all-terrain, smooth, mud, turf and hard surface. For a track loader, overall un- dercarriage style including rigid, roller and torsion axle va- rieties should be a topic of discussion. Owners can choose from track treads with descriptors like general duty, turf, smooth, aggressive and premium bar or block. There are also wide and steel track options. Tier 4 Final diesel engines will be engineered into all new skid steers and track loaders, so it will be important to Cat side discharge buckets can efficiently collect, transport and discharge sand, sawdust, mulch or straw in applications where material is needed such as barns or stalls.

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