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JAN 2019

Compact Equipment is a magazine dedicated to equipment owners and operators of small, nimble, tool-carrying construction, landscape and ag equipment — such as skid steers, mini excavators, compact tractors, generators compressors and beyond.

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complicated power plants. Manufacturers are designing common platforms across power ranges for easy instal- lation and maintenance. Engine experts are launching service-driven online portals and apps to interface owners and dealers with engine data and maintenance options, and they're also building out impressive parts and dealer networks to deliver service solutions with care and quick- ness. "Equipment owners should expect comprehensive sup- port from equipment suppliers and include support capa- bilities as a factor when evaluating them," suggests Mark Voorhees, product support manager for Perkins Engines 41 Diesel Makers Decipher Complex Problems for Customers with Innovative Service Options By Keith Gribbins in the Americas region. "For customers of Perkins- powered equipment, our global distributor and deal- er network provides parts and service support in 180 countries to make sure that they get the best possible performance and reliability from their engines. At per- , more than 1,700 different part num- bers are available online. Users of the Perkins My En- gine App can order directly from their smartphone and be assured that the parts are correct for their registered engine. All this combined gives customers an effective and efficient maintenance experience." The Common, Modular Platform Emissions regulations are different around the world. Some regions in Africa did not require aftertreatment and use different grades of diesel fuel. Europe, on the other hand, has some of the most stringent pollution regulations in the world, and its Stage V standards re- quire most off-highway diesels to have a diesel particu- late filter or DPF. In the United States, the EPA's Tier 4 Final emissions regs are almost equally complex but don't necessarily require a DPF. Keeping up with re- gional regulations and the high technologies involved with each is difficult, so engine makers like Kohler have created global emissions platforms. "In 2017, we introduced Kohler Flex, a suite of advanced engine systems for the Kohler Direct Injection [KDI] line to meet every emissions standard in the world," says Brandemuhl. "Kohler Flex combines the existing benefits of our KDI line with the most compact aftertreatment de- vices to deliver an ideal emissions solution for leading equipment manufacturers in the construction, industrial and agricultural markets around the globe." Engine companies across the market are doing the same thing. Hatz's three- and four-cylinder diesels in its H-Series are designed on a modular platform to fit a wide range of applications in different countries, with the ability to include state-of-the-art technolo- gies like a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) or a DPF when needed. "One of the big things we like to talk about is flex- ibility," explains Mike Hartoonian, Hatz Diesel of America president and CEO. "The flexibility of instal- lation into the application. Because of the size, because of the weight and because we offer different packages, we can offer different versions, different Tiers, different emissions levels and even enclosed power units. These are all based on the same platform, so we can deliver quickly to an OEM in the configuration they require." The Impressive Parts Network Off-highway diesel engines work long and hard. Be- cause of that, every unit eventually breaks down. To minimize such downtime, experts like Perkins Engines are building e-commerce networks to quicken service and parts orders. The U.K.-based engine manufacturer, owned by Caterpillar, has invested heavily in the Amer- ican marketplace in the form of its Perkins North Amer- ica Regional Logistics Centre (RLC), a partnership with UPS located in Elizabethtown, Ky. The RLC gives U.S. Perkins customers and North American distributors the rapid and reliable ground or air shipping options they The Perkins Smart- Cap replaces the engine's conventional oil filler cap, is avail- able for less than $50 and gives engine info ranging from running hours to location.

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