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JAN 2019

Compact Equipment is a magazine dedicated to equipment owners and operators of small, nimble, tool-carrying construction, landscape and ag equipment — such as skid steers, mini excavators, compact tractors, generators compressors and beyond.

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free app gives operators of construction equipment, trac- tors and other machinery access to engine data and the fault memory in the field via Bluetooth and sends this in- formation to the appropriate dealer with a single click. Similarly award-winning, Perkins took home an Edi- son Award for its SmartCap technology and app. Installed simply by replacing the existing oil filler cap, the Perkins SmartCap can be used on new and existing Perkins me- chanical and electronic engines. It allows end-users to connect their mobile device to their engine via the free Perkins My Engine App. "The Perkins SmartCap replaces the engine's conven- tional oil filler cap, is available for less than $50 and comes in a range of sizes to fit nearly any Perkins engine," says Klco. "The Perkins SmartCap and Perkins My Engine App combination is currently how we add telematics to our mechanical diesel engines." When combined, the Perkins SmartCap and My Engine App will give customers truly simplified engine informa- tion, including engine running hours, engine location, service reminders, service logs and parts. The Distributor Despite all these interactive engine developments, under- standing and maintaining your high-tech off-highway die- sel engine will still require the assistance of a distributor or dealer. As an example: Kohler has more than 1,000 dealers throughout North America, waiting to help its OEM dealers and end-users. If you don't know where your nearest Kohler diesel dealer is located, just surf over to and find the closest one. These dealers all stock genuine Kohler replacement parts and offer factory-trained techni- cians to ensure each job is performed at the highest level. "Equipment owners should expect a high level of ser- vice from their dealers," says Brandemuhl. "We work very closely with our dealers to ensure they thoroughly under- stand the newest technologies and stay in position to de- liver first-rate customer experiences to compact equipment owners. After all, our dealers are on the front lines of our business and provide a critical link to our end-customers." Onward Of course, engine makers will continue to innovate. Kohler just recently launched an updated version of its web-based iService program, which offers enhanced func- tionality to guest users. Distribution networks will con- tinue to grow. Perkins announced a big distribution agree- ment with Clarke Powered Solutions in the United States last year. Clarke now provides sales, service and full distri- bution support for Perkins in the Midwest and Northeast, managing 44 locations throughout its 24-state territory. Technologies and options will continue to expand. Hatz recently announced the launch of its new Silent Pack for the H-Series of three- and four-cylinder engines for the first time. The market will continue to evolve. "I would say that computer-aided diagnostics, while feared by many, has really been revolutionary in streamlining the engine repair process, and as technology continues to ad- vance this trend will surely continue in many ways," says Eric Hoffmann, engineering manager with Hatz Diesel of North America. "Another example would be engine downsizing or rightsizing, which we've done again with our Hatz H50 family of engines. The latest member of the H50 family, the 3H50T, is in production. At 24 hp, the turbocharged, three-cylinder engine meets Tier 4 Final without aftertreatment. Along with its compact size, its high torque, power dense design allows it to be used in applications normally requiring higher horse- power engines. We see this trend continuing." Keith Gribbins is publisher of Compact Equipment . 43 Computer-aided diagnostics, while feared by many, have really been revolutionary in streamlining the engine repair process. Loader powered by a Hatz 4H50TIC diesel.

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