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JUN 2018

Compact Equipment is a magazine dedicated to equipment owners and operators of small, nimble, tool-carrying construction, landscape and ag equipment — such as skid steers, mini excavators, compact tractors, generators compressors and beyond.

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42 Compact Equipment JUNE 2018 Outdated Welding Technologies Waste Hours on the Jobsite By Joe Ryan B usiness as usual can cost thousands of dollars a year in a welding operation, and outdated tech- nologies can unnecessarily cost hundreds of hours in productive time on construction job- sites. Consider some of the issues that impact productivity on the jobsite. How many times a day do welders walk back to the power source to make parameter adjustments? Making this trip even four times a day — with each walk taking an average of 15 minutes — wastes 250 hours per welder every year. This lost time adds up, totaling significant labor costs that could be better spent on value-added tasks. This pro- ductivity loss is especially painful for operations that al- ready struggle to find skilled labor. Productivity isn't the only thing that takes a hit when welders must stop welding and walk to the power source to make adjustments. These interruptions can also impact weld quality and increase the risk of operator injuries through slips, trips and falls — especially on large jobsites where welders may need to climb up and down ladders or scaffolding to get to the power source hundreds of feet from where they are working. To stay competitive, contractors must find ways to waste less time and complete jobs faster without sacrific- ing safety or weld quality. The right solutions can help op- erations meet important timelines, produce quality work and secure more bids. T H E P O W E R O F H A N D T O O L S AIMING FOR EFFICIENCY

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