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JUN 2018

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J ohn Herczog, owner of BMC Electrical and Mechani- cal Contractors in Newton Falls, Ohio, has been in business for more than 20 years, performing work for customers in the commercial, residential and military sectors (with some projects taking him as far as South Korea). To keep up with the demands of his job, Herczog needs a machine with enough power and versatility that comes with the ability to take on different attachments. "In my business there's always something that comes up, so I need a machine that can handle the demands of dif- ferent jobs," he says. "Attachments help me do work that I may otherwise have to hire out. It's nice to say 'Hey, I have a machine that can do that.'" In December 2017, Herczog took ownership of a brand- new JCB 3CX Compact backhoe, the first one in North America to be outfitted with a skid steer attachment plate. However, his journey to the 3CX Compact came after a little trial and error with other machines. Finding the Right Fit Herczog first started off with a backhoe that served him well but lacked an important feature for someone who lives in an area with four seasons, a cab. Without a cab, it made it difficult to keep using the machine year-round. "I loved that machine," he says, "but it didn't have a cab and the manufacturer didn't offer one on that particular ma- chine at the time. It seems like every year it gets harder and harder to take the cold, and I used the machine a lot to plow snow, not only at my home but apartments I own in town, so I would use the backhoe to drive out there. One day I just said, 'This is crazy. By the time I get there to plow snow, my fingers are numb.' So, that's when I started looking around, and I ultimately bought a track loader." While the track loader boasted important features such as the ability to take all sorts of attachments and a cab, Herczog eventually realized it wasn't the machine for him. "The track loader served its purpose, but I missed the back- hoe," he says. "Plus, anywhere I took it, it had to be towed, because it was very slow as far as moving from job to job. Track loaders tend to ride rough. I also had trouble when I would move larger items and couldn't get out of the machine easily because the door would be blocked. On one particu- lar job, I had large 3-ft spools of wire on a set of forks that we were unspooling as we worked. Once I was in the cab, I couldn't get out unless I took my door off." After knowing what he wanted and needed in a machine (and everything he didn't), Herczog found the JCB 3CX Compact backhoe. "I started seeing ads for this machine, and I said, 'This thing will do everything that I want.' Then I visited my local dealer, who happened to have one in stock, and I liked it," he says. "It had everything I was looking for: the capability to take skid steer attachments, a dedicated back- hoe, a cab and plenty of power. Another benefit was that it doesn't weigh as much as a traditional full-size backhoe, nor is it as large, which allows me to pull it with a one- ton pickup as opposed to having to get something larger to move it." 9 BACK TO A BACKHOE Ohio Electrician John Herczog Finds the Perfect Fit with JCB's Compact 3CX Backhoe By Pam Kleineke CE News

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